Women's Care Soap, Soap for Feminine Care

$1.00 - $8.92
  • Women's Care Soap, Soap for Feminine Care
  • Women's Care Soap, Soap for Feminine Care
  • Women's Care Soap, Soap for Feminine Care
  • Women's Care Soap, Soap for Feminine Care

This is a Pre-Order! Ships Nov 1-7, 2020 (possibly sooner) Flowers not included in or on soap to ensure your feminine care is pure. This Fits Me is excited to launch BATH ESSENTIALS & Skincare on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Beginning with our Women's Care Line, Soap for Feminine Care!

Our Women's Soap is made with Organic Shea Butter, Persimmon and Goats Milk. Made for Feminine Yoni Hygiene & Full Body Wash. Yoni is a sanskrit term for your "V", your womb.This is not your average soap. This is a PREMIUM Women's Soap bar for the ultimate luxurious feminine experience!

Protect your skin’s natural protective barrier. Unlike some of the commercial brands, we do not add harmful ingredients. That's what separates us.

Our soaps contain only skin-friendly ingredients. Handmade soap is gentle on your skin due to the lack of synthetic agents in it. Basically there is no harmful CRAP in it! Each bar of soap is handmade with LOVE, Positive Intention, and Mindfulness.

Gentle, handmade soap made for HER most private areas! Caring for our lady parts is SELF CARE! Our bodies change over time whether it's our PH Balance, feminine cycles, childbirth, perspiration, menopause, vaginal changes, and odors.

Designed to naturally help eliminate odor in heavily perspired areas, nonenal body odor, vaginal, underarm, under & between breast area, foot odors, and labia skin. Natural changes in our human bodies happen. You no longer need to be ashamed of them. Feel fresh, confident and clean with our Women's Care line!

NO Sulfate
NO Parabens
NO Preservatives
NO Animal Products
NO Petroleum Products

Purifying & Deodorizing* Ethically Sourced Ingredients. Natural Holistic Feminine Care. Made with Organic & High Quality Ingredients! For best deodorizing results use your soap daily.

Each bar of soap is a great size weighing about 4.5-5.1 oz. Our soaps are handmade and hand cut resulting in the variation of ounces. Please read our skin friendly ingredient list HERE for any allergies or skin sensitivity. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Enjoy using our products safely :)

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