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Women's Feminine Care Soap

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our Women's Feminine Care Soap has gone PINK along with our website! Join us in the fight against breast cancer. Our mission is to educate the community on the importance of self breast exams, getting yearly mammograms while offering spiritual support, prayer and resources. Early detection can save lives!Post a selfie holding our limited edition PINK BCA campaign soap & hashtag us #ThisFitsMeBCA #ThisFitsMeProducts for a chance to win a self care kit worth over $250.00 When you purchase 3 or more soaps you are automatically entered. Winners will be announced weekly via email.Follow our Breast Cancer Awareness campaign on Instagram for updates on 2021 BCA events & raffles: ThisFitsMeBCA

A handmade body wash soap that is gentle enough for HER most private areas - PH Balance, feminine cycles, childbirth, perspiration, menopause, vaginal changes, odors in heavily perspired areas, nonenal body odor, vaginal, underarm, under & between breast area, foot odors, and labia skin.

This is not your average soap. This is a PREMIUM Women's Soap bar for the ultimate luxurious feminine care experience! Feel fresh, confident and clean with our Women's Care line!

NO Sulfates | NO Parabens | Cruelty Free

Our soaps contain skin-friendly ingredients. Read our simple ingredients list for any allergies or skin sensitivity: Organic Shea Butter, Water, Ground Oatmeal, Persimmons, Coconut Oil, Olive Pomace Oil, Sunflower Oil, Goats Milk, Fragrance, Colorant, Sodium Hydroxide Lye (there is no lye left in the finished product), Soybean Oil, Canola Oil.

For best deodorizing results use your soap daily.

Although our soaps are made with skin friendly ingredients, discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep away from children. DO NOT EAT! Our soaps are for external use only. Enjoy using our products safely :)

Each bar of soap is handmade with LOVE, Positive Intention, and Mindfulness.

All samples are approximately 0.3-0.4 oz weight.

Regulations set forth by the FDA prohibit bath and body companies & products from making health-related claims about beauty products. This Fits Me are not a medical or healthcare professionals and do not claim that the use of our products may have a positive effect on pre-existing physical, health and/or mental health conditions. The information on our listings pertains to the properties of specific ingredients used in the product. Enjoy using our products safely, we love our happy customers :)