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Palo Santo

Palo Santo "Holy Wood."

You don't have to be "spiritual" to want to rid your life and space of negative energy, find balance and raise your vibration. WE ALL DESERVE TO FEEL BALANCED! I have a deep respect for the spiritual practices of Palo Santo and it's ethical gathering values in order to preserve the trees. Palo Santo's actual meaning is “Holy Wood” it is from South America, from the Ecuadorian forest.


Burn with your windows open to release unwanted energy. Burn once a day. Point the tip down, light it for about 30 seconds up to 1 minute, then blow it out. With your Palo Santo, walk about your home, space, car, self, wherever you are looking to clear the energy. Make sure to set your intentions of what you are seeking to clear before and during your burning. You can use 1 stick multiple times. Use as your discretion, discuss with your doctor if you have respiratory issues that cannot handle any sort of smoke. Light as needed, sometimes it will go out, just re light it. Always use care and watch your flame closely as you do not want to burn your home. Please practice safety and respect with Palo Santo.

Now let's clear the energy in your life and VIBE HIGH :)


We do not guarantee spiritual practices to "work" if you are not doing the work! You have to have FAITH, BELIEVE and RESPECT them them for it to actually work! Use at your discretion. Discuss with your doctor before using - if you have respiratory issues that cannot handle any sort of smoke. This Fits Me is not responsible for and injuries caused by using our products on If you are pregnant or nursing please do not use due to the inhaling of smoke. For 18 and over unless used with parental or guardian supervision. Do not leave fires unattended.

Please respect our spiritual practices. There are no refunds for spiritual products as this is a sacred spiritual practice that must be respected. The energy cannot be returned to us as we have blessed it specifically for you.