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Policy & FAQs

Here are your most frequently asked questions answered. It is our top priority to keep our customers happy. Please read and follow all instructions provided to you in our FAQ’s to help speed up the process of your questions or concerns. 

  • All spiritual energy products are saged, energized and blessed. Palo Santo, Sage, Crystals, and Calming Tea.
  • When will my product be shipped? Once your order has been processed your item (s) will be shipped. Our current US "Covid" shipping time is 5 business days, as early as 3 business days. On occasion (out of stock or holiday mail traffic) it may be 7-14 business days. Shipping time can be altered and extended at any time - upon the discretion of our company. Any extended shipping turn around times are written in your purchase receipt that pops up when you finalize your purchase in the "purchase here" area. We occasionally ship on weekends, therefor your order may be delivered to you sooner than expected. HOORAY! 
  • Where is my USPS tracking number? Once your package is shipped, your individual USPS tracking numbers are sent to your email. Make sure you have provided us with a valid email address when making your purchase. Double check the spelling of your email address to ensure you receive your receipt and your tracking information. Please check all spam folders for your tracking numbers.
  • Do you ship International? YES! We do. International shipping orders require a longer shipping time of 10-14 days depending on your country's customs. Some orders may take up to 30 days if there is an issue at customs security. USPS no longer provides tracking for international orders. Although we may provide you a receipt for your shipment, there is a separate fee for a trackable order of 19.98 per the USPS international shipping department.
  • I entered the wrong email, shipping address or quantity count how can I fix it before you ship? If you entered the wrong shipping address or email, contact us immediately within 24 hours of your purchase “Error in shipping” to [email protected] and before our offices close at 5:30 pm. If you wait longer then 5:30 pm when our offices close it may get shipped in the morning. Some orders process quickly and ship within 24 hours of purchase. Please contact us within the time frame allowed, otherwise we cannot change the customer error and it will ship. Sorry there are no refunds for this customer error, you must correct your error in address by finalizing a new invoice purchase with the correct address. 
  • I entered the wrong address how can I fix it? Don't worry. We got you covered. Please email us as soon as possible within the same day of purchase in order to correct this error. Please understand that we ship to whatever address or quantity amount that you purchase or that you provide us and we email whatever email you provide us with. We are not responsible for customer shipping or email errors, please review your email and shipping address before finalizing your purchase. We ask all our customers to change their “error” in shipping addresses immediately as we are not responsible for customer errors.
  • What if I ordered 2 or 3 items and only received part of them. What should I do? Do not worry, sometimes your orders are split in two when we are enduring a low stock count. Simply contact us and we will gladly investigate your claim and send you any items missing if your case is valid.
  • What if my package came back (returned to sender) to your company. Can you re send it to me? If your package was returned to us due to customer error in shipping or return to sender, customer is responsible for paying re-shipping costs. We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for this. Customer must pay re-shipping costs and is not eligible for a refunds whatsoever. Customer aggress to these terms when clicking purchase.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Although we do not offer refunds, exchanges or cancellations at this moment. We do make some exceptions for our awesome customers! Don't feel shy to inquire within. Just contact us HERE! We are more than happy to meet our customers needs and satisfaction :)
  • Please provide a safe shipping address: We understand mistakes happen and will do our best to help you resolve your package needs. We are however not responsible for lost packages, stolen packages, re-routed back to sender packages, quantity errors, customer errors in shipping address or email address and not contacting us within our policy deadlines. Please note that we ship and email to the address you provide us with and ship your quantity or items that you purchase. Double check all your orders for the correct, quantity, address and email when ordering. All specials are non transferable or eligible to be applied or combined to a new purchase in credit or an upgrade. All original purchase orders stay as is with original purchased terms and cannot be upgraded or combined with any current specials. 
  • Customer results: Our customers generally gain results 7-14 days of using our products consistently. However, we do not offer guaranteed results as it is your responsibility to put in the work. We are not responsible for customer results. Results vary person to person and are not guaranteed. You must put in the effort to see results!
  • This Fits Me & ShopThisFitsMe.com products are made in the USA! 
  • Where are you located? We have 2 facilities where we package and ship from. East Coast, New Jersey - West Coast, Calabasas.