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Instructional Videos

How To Make Your SlimTea!

Here is a video on how to make your SlimTea! Simply add 6-8oz cup of water to a pot, add 1 tea bag to the pot, boil all together for 5-7 minutes for a milder taste and effect. If you ordered the maximum strength only use 1 tea bag and boil longer 7-10 minutes for a stronger taste and overnight relief effect. You can have it day or night, cold or warm.

Try our SlimTea iced tea! Use the same instructions, now add ice, a slice of lemon, and a little honey if you desire and BOOM!! You have deliciously refreshing iced tea.

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How To Make Your Juices & Fibers!

Just add 1 tablespoon to 6-8oz of water and stir. For a finer texture, blend in the blender. However, no blender is needed for our products. Additonal TIP, add your fiber or juice to smoothies, protein shakes or any natural juice, you cna even add it to your SlimTea.

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