Ingredients: Calming Tea

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Ingredients: Calming Tea

Do you find yourself on edge, unbalanced, and simply having a rough day? Have cup of my Calming Tea. Relax and balance.

For thousands of years tea has been known to be connected to your energy. The energy that keeps you balanced, calm, peaceful and grounded. Many master healers from around the world use tea in their spiritual practices. Shamans, Tibetan & Buddhist monks, martial artists, Indian Yogis, Indigenous tribes/Native Americans to name a few use tea before, during and after their spiritual practices. Fun fact, Monks drink tea to boost concentration during their meditation practices.

Our “Calming Tea” is created with love and light. Created with pure intentions. A cup of tea can be very powerful spiritually and delightful for the soul.

Drink it when you feel unbalanced. Before you begin your practice whether it's meditation, yoga, have your cup of tea. Take your time and sip it mindfully. Take your time, there is no rush. Enjoy the sweet aroma.

Not a dietary product. We do not guarantee spiritual benefits whatsoever. Now, lets get to healing and vibing on a high frequency!!!!


Hibiscus, peppermint leaf, stevia leaf. Caffeine free, Vegan, Zero Carbs.


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