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Green Juice “Trio Bundle”

Get double the results & savings by combining our top products in a bundle!

Trio Bundle Package Includes

28 Day Supply of Mild Formula Tea
Medium Fiber Cleanse Pouch
Medium Juice Pouch

Pick your choice of flavors!

Our green juice line is a POWERFUL superfood detox juice! Excellent as a meal replacement. A direct source of leafy green powders, packed with beta-carotene, calcium, chlorophyll, fiber, iron and vitamin K. A leafy green based multivitamin detox juice with a slightly sweet juice and a powerful punch of vitamins.

Our Power Punch red juice can be found here!


Mix 1 tablespoon to a 8 oz glass of cold water, your favorite juice (pineapple & orange juice are our favorite juice choices), smoothie or protein shake - mix until powder is dissolved. Add 1 tablespoon for a thinner consistency or and 2 for a thicker juice. Drink anytime, once or twice a day. Cold water makes it taste yummier! You may also blend it for a finer texture. In addition, you may add 1 tablespoon of fiber into your juice for cleansing benefits.

Watch this video on how to make our juices into delicious smoothies!

@somaya_reece This is my delicious juicing line that I was talking about on my LIVE! I just created a page for my brand @This Fits Me Brand Products Thank you to everyone who suggested I create the page🫶🏽✨ For more info visit us on ShopThisFitsMe (🛍️blink 🔗is in the Bye-O) Enjoy this video on how to make delicious smoothie juices😋 Our juicing line comes in 2 flavors that are tasty😋 Cost effective because you get A LOT of servings, the package is larger than anything you’ll find on the market. High grade ingredients, convenient and easy to make! A great way to get in your veggies, fiber and daily micronutrients! No gimmicks, just effective, quality products that deliver! #FYP #thisfitsmeproducts #somayareece #superfood #superfoods ♬ original sound - Somaya Reece


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