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This is our mildest formula of SlimTea, revamped as a lighter cleanse for sensitive tummies. If you’re looking for a stronger formula we suggest the SlimTea EXTRA Maximum Strength formula.

Feel better from the inside out by cleansing from within with 100% natural herbs! Due to the years of neglecting your body from healthy & clean ingestion of foods. Our bodies have slowed down from the inside causing us to store toxins, fats, and harmful chemicals that are hidden in many foods which in turn leads to weight gain and organ failure. Get Slim Tea helps rid your body of those harmful toxins, improving your inner health (your inner organs), improves skin complexion, raises your energy levels, reduces bloating, and helps you get rid of the chemicals that are harming your body not allowing your inner system to function properly by rebooting your system. You are pressing a restart button!

Cleansing Helps With*

Helps control your appetite*
Supports your metabolism*
Detoxifies your system*
Reduces your bloating*
Naturally boosts your energy*
Refreshed feeling*
Flushes out harsh toxins*
Cleanses your digestive system*
Tastes great*

Did you know? You may now try our Slim Tea cold like iced tea! Just add lots of ice, lemon and honey if you please. Drink just 1 cup a day. Results vary person to person and are not guaranteed. You must put in the effort to see results!


Add 1 - 1 1/2 8oz cup cup of water in a pot. Add 2 tea bags into the pot with the water. Boil water with the tea bag on low heat for 5-10 minutes.

Note, the longer you boil it the stronger it becomes. Boil on LOW or the water will evaporate.

Drink anytime warm or cold. Use 1 tea bag per day. Our mild formula is a very light to mild cleanse. This is a MILD Slim Tea with a revamped formula for mild use only. If you are looking for a stronger cleanse we suggest getting the SlimTea EXTRA Maximum Strength formula.

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