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Slim Tea For Him

A unique blend made for HIM! Ladies, shouldn't be the only ones benefiting from our Slim Tea! Men can also drink our Tea-Tox.

Drink just 1 cup a day. Results vary person to person and are not guaranteed. You must put in the effort to see results!

Helps With*

Helps control your appetite
Supports your metabolism
Detoxifies your system
Reduces your bloating
Naturally boosts your energy
Refreshed feeling
Flushes out harsh toxins
Cleanses your digestive system
Tastes great

Add 1 - 1 1/2 8oz cup cup of water in a pot. Add tea bag into the pot with the water. Boil water with the tea bag on low heat for 5-10 minutes. Note, the longer you boil it the stronger it becomes. Boil on LOW or the water will evaporate. Drink anytime warm or cold. Use 1 tea bag per day.

Click the sidebar menu for benefits and ingredients list! We are currently out of our blue packaging, you may receive your package in our silver or white MAX bag. Do not worry, you have ordered the correct item.

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