This Fits Me
$16.95 - $29.95

Dragon Blood Sage

For a well balance life, it is important to try your best to stay balanced, keep your sanity, health and faith in tact. I wanted to offer you guys something that works for me when I feel unbalanced and in need of clarity and positive vibes.

Sage clears negative energy in your space and helps you balance your mind, body and soul. I love using it in my bathroom before I take a long warm bath.



Dragon Blood sage adds power to your rituals, it is for healing, draws wisdom, drives away bad spirits/bad feelings/negativity, attracts love. It also protect you from any foreign airborne radicals due to its antioxidant contents.

Before you light your sage, open at least 1 window per room. Burn from the back of your home or space towards the front. Be sure to sage all corners of each room. Burn with your windows open to release unwanted energy. While saging, release any negative thoughts you may have. Release what doesn't serve your energy.

Burn as many times as you wish!

Use at your discretion. Please discuss with your doctor if you have respiratory issues that cannot handle any sort of smoke. Enjoy our products safely :)