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Hibiscus Tea & Hematite Crystal

This is the tea (Calming Tea) & crystal I used on Love And Hip Hop to help calm the room. As you can see, it worked! It calmed the room down and brought in the positive vibes.

You can add it to our SlimTea’s to give it a sweet Hibiscus flavor!

Do you find yourself on edge, unbalanced, and simply having a rough day? Have cup of my Calming Tea. Relax and balance.

For thousands of years tea has been known to be connected to your energy. The energy that keeps you balanced, calm, peaceful and grounded. Many master healers from around the world use tea in their spiritual practices. Shamans, Tibetan & Buddhist monks, martial artists, Indian Yogis, Indigenous tribes/Native Americans to name a few use tea before, during and after their spiritual practices.

Fun fact, Monks drink tea to boost concentration during their meditation practices. Our “Calming Tea” is created with love and light. Created with pure intentions to help remove tension, gives mental clarity in order for you achieve higher thinking, sparks high intuition, helps ground you, excellent for healing. A cup of tea can be very powerful spiritually and delightful for the soul. If you are in need of healing, peace, and balance. Have a cup of our Calming Tea.(For more information on these century old practices click here)

Ingredients: Hibiscus, peppermint leaf, stevia leaf. Caffeine free, Vegan, Zero Carbs. This is not a SlimTea. There are no psychedelics added to our tea. Just a calming vibe to get into!

Hematite (metallic silver) - Balances Nerves & Tension Relief

I chose Hematite for a few reasons. Hematite is the most physical of them all. It works like a mirror. It absorbs negative energy, and pushes it back out into positivity. For those with anxiety, which causes tension and imbalance in the nerves, Hematite will work with the body most effectively and with fast results. You can alternate wearing or holding this stone (when meditating) on either side of the body. Feel free to alternate at times for visible relief. Hematite dissolves negativity and blocks the user from absorbing others unwanted energy. This happens when the strength with the earth is connected.

This beautiful Silver stone will restore and strengthen blood supply, relieve the tension in the body. It also has been proven to assist with cramps for women, insomnia, and injuries by circulating blood flow and regulating tissue having magnetic qualities. Great for empaths and those who need to keep a consistent and balanced charge of nerve cells in the body.

While you may find crystals everywhere. Buyer beware of their authenticity and where they are from. It is very important for us to provide you with authentic crystals that are electrical with nature, giving you the best connection between the earth and the universe. We work directly with miners that travel to natural sites around the world and cut the crystals directly from the source. Our Hematite crystal comes from the Limari Providence in Chile.

We do not guarantee spiritual benefits whatsoever. You have to put in the WORK to see the results! Now, lets get to healing and vibing on a high frequency. Let's bring in the GOOD VIBES for 2020!!!


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