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Crystal Infused Chakra Balancing Black Soap

Crystal Infused Chakra Balancing Black Soap
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SOLD OUT - RESTOCK COMING SOON We are excited to collaborate with our sister store and the crystal guru This soap contains a hand selected chakra crystal, Black Tourmaline raw from Brazil! Activated with love and light, it is cleansed, charged and ready for you! High vibrations, manifesting, and protection!

Activated Charcoal Black Soap. NO Sulfates, NO Parabens, Cruelty Free.

Black Tourmaline is a stone that does it all. Do not let the dark look deceive you! it is a reflective stone, protecting you physically & vibrationally. It transforms dense energy into a lighter alignment for optimal vibrational results. Not only are your chakras protected, it blocks EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) as well! That includes protection from your phone, router, microwave, computer, tv, etc.

Once your soap is done, you have a beautiful crystal to keep. Great for Front Door Area, Living Area, and of course the Bedroom.

Charge in the sun frequently for best results (every other day in sun and intermediate smudging for the first 6 months). This stone absorbs a great amount of energy!!!

Each crystal is unique and will differ from one another. This is a limited collaboration.

Carve out the crystal before use, or use the other side without the crystal. Once it begins to soften take it out and set is aside, dry it and put it anywhere you desire. DO NOT LEAVE THE SOAP INSIDE THE WATER TO SOAK! We recommend taking out the crystal once the soap softens. Can be used in the bra or as a pocket stone.

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