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Power Punch Juice - Juicing Powder

Start your day with a POWER PUNCH! Wake up, kick ass, repeat....

It’s no secret that “juicing” is one of the healthiest ways of absorbing nutrients & vitamins, it aids in weight loss, helps you stay energized, alert, and is an amazing way of taking control of your health. It’s the easiest way to get those daily veggies in! Packed with dark green veggie super foods and fruits. It’s a nutrient & vitamin rich powder alternative to cold press juicing. What a fabulous way to re-boot your system!

Juicing without the expensive price or time commitment! Let's face it, juicing is amazing, we all know it's good for us but. No one wants to spend 7-12$ per juice bottle nor do many of you have to the time to commit to the juicing process. Let alone clean up the mess. So how do we get past this? Easy!

This Fits Me brings you a cost & time effective way of juicing naturally. Are you a busy mom, student or simply on a time crunch with little to no time on your hands? Are you on a budget & can't afford to buy fresh veggies, fruits or an expensive blender? Perfect. That means our Get Slim Juicing Powders are perfect for you!

Our main ingredient in our Power Punch Juice is beets, containing the most powerful wellness benefits like no other. Betalain, a powerful antioxidant known for it's excellent anti inflammatory values, aids in digestion, is high in folic acid, heals lymphatic circulation, anemia, liver, skin disorders, arthritis, reverses chronic disease, kidneys, birth defects, gout, detoxifies, and helps heal cancer. It is also known to kill fungi & to help heal illness due to digestion and the blood. That's just to name a few.

Does it still contain the same nutrients & vitamin benefits as fresh juice? Absolutely!

Our juicing powder process begins with fresh veggies and fresh fruits. Nothing is artificial or chemically processed. We use simple proprietary air drying methods which preserve all nutritional properties of each ingredient in our juice powders. You get all the healthy benefits and nutrients you need. A little TMI, beet root is known to turn urine and stool red. Don't be alarmed, it's normal!

Fruits & Veggie Ingredients

Beets - Beet root
Moringa Leaf
Vitamins A.B.C.K
Omega 3.6.9

Rich In

9 Essential Amino Acids


All natural, chemical free and always HEALTHY! In powder form – Cactus, pineapple, celery, parsley, wheat, only naturals sugars from the actual fruit & veggies + agave contained, fiber, ginger, moringa leaf, beets/beet root. Vitamins A.B.C.K Omegas 3.6.9, flax seed grounded powder, Wheat bran, protein, Pineapple natural fruit juice powder, Stevia leaf extract, Marine algae (gigartina chamissoi), Natural prickly pear pad powder, Grapefruit natural fruit powder, Maguey fiber (agave salmiana otto), Cocoa, Orange natural fruit powder.